BIL Genel Müdürü, Dr. Erdoğan TOZAN

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Dear all,

It has been a long and hard work and at the end turned into a SUCCESS STORY.  I would like to congratulate all CMT firemen and two men Selcuk and Baris who were behind them.
This is a first stage of our vision of World Class Fire Brigade.  We are more confident now, but also aware that we need to continue next stages of our journey for excellence.
I would like to thank also BTC Co. Turkey, John, Kevin and others, and kindly request their continued support.

Doc.Dr. Bulent lnanc
HSE Director
Board Member
BOTAS lnternational Limited

May I add my congratulations to all the students and there mentors along with Bulent.
I cant stress enough the importance of competent tactical responder capability. As a fundamental layer of protection at this key facility for BP I commend the management of BOTAS and BTC for driving this initiative forward.
I look forward to your 'maintenance of competence' over time to ensure you provide a level of response capability commensurate with the importance of the asset

Kevin D Westwood
BEng, CEng, MIFireE, MEI
BP Group Fire Advisor


This result is a direct reflection of the hard work you two committed to and carried out.  Congratulations to all who studied and applied themselves on the fire team; and special recognition to you two for driving the program home.

John R. Coates, CFPS
Emergency Response Specialist
AGT Region Midstream H&S

Congratulations on the successes!

Thanks so much to you and your fire fighters for such hard work and dedication!

Kim Davis
Alabama Fire College & Personnel Standards Commission